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There are good pictures that tell a story.
There are better pictures that let you imagine your story.
There are great pictures that help you dream.

And there is Poetry.

Pure evocative and suggestive power, complex yet clear and sharp, smooth and polished yet deep and cavernous.

This blog aims at what one may name « Poegraphy », that is, merging Poetry and photography. The art may be difficult, but here is my try.


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Who am I?

"I'm a poor lonesome cowboy..."

I am a young, French, PhD student in meteorology living in Toulouse. My logical, scientific mind hosts the embryo of an artist. He may or may not grow, but is old enough to have his work shown here. This blog is mostly about photography, a few works of literature, but you may occasionally discover pencil or pastel drawings...

I had my first compact, film camera in 1996 on a 1-year stay in Greece. That was the beginning, and a great place to learn. I have to thank my parents for that present, and their support during the following years. I went digital in 2005, and bought my DSLR for Christmas 2007.

I keep most of my pictures here, but be warned that there are quite a lot, and of unequal quality!
If you wish to contact me, you may use the form at the bottom of this page. Or simply leave a comment on any picture!

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